Discover the applications of Aerstop® closed-cell foam rubber gaskets.

Closed-cell foam rubber solutions that meet the most demanding requirements in every industrial sector. Ideal for both filling voids and sealing machinery, they offer high performance in terms of water, air, and dust sealing, shock and vibration dampening, as well as high chemical resistance to oils, hydrocarbons, and high temperatures.
AERSTOP® is available in a wide range of compounds with different densities and softness levels to meet specific design requirements. The entire range can be supplied in sheets, rolls, profiles, and custom shapes.
Lightweight, flexible solutions offering exceptional shock absorption performance, designed for protective padding of body parts exposed to impacts, such as the head, back, and knees. This type of rubber is the choice of world-leading players in the sports and military sectors. Resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, it offers excellent performance levels in the industrial sector.
Seals for water, air, and dust, as well as for acoustic, thermal, and vibration insulation. Ideal for windows, doors, partition walls, and flooring, they are available in a wide range of compounds.
AERSTOP® closed-cell foam rubber gaskets and profiles are ideal for sealing and decoupling oil and fuel tanks, air conditioning and HVAC systems, electrical wiring, doors, and closures in railway carriages or locomotives. Excellent resistance to oils, fire, fumes, and heat. EN 45545-2 certificate.
High-performance vibration-damping and water, air, and dust sealing solutions are ideal for gaskets and profiles designed for the nautical sector Resistant to weather, UV rays, ozone, and seawater, they ensure excellent vibration-damping and sealing properties.
AERSTOP® EPDM gaskets and profiles, boasting high resistance to aging, UV rays, and ozone, deliver superior performance in terms of protection and support for photovoltaic systems. When placed between the metal frame and the panel, they prevent the transfer of oxidation and ensure high grip.
Aging-resistant and weatherproof profiles and gaskets offering exceptional performance in terms of water, air, and dust sealing, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. Their shock-absorbing and watertight properties make them an ideal solution for insulating fuel tanks, absorbing car door and tailgate vibrations, and providing protection during transportation.

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