Compound types


Closed and semi-closed cell expanded rubber gaskets and profiles are available in EPDM, CR, SBR, NR, and NBR types.

Our catalog includes a wide variety of compound types, densities, hardnesses, certifications, and technical features to meet even the most demanding requirements under various operating conditions.

Fully customizable in shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, Aerstop® rubber solutions offer best-in-class water and dust tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as vibration-damping properties, making them highly versatile and ideal for both industrial and construction applications.


NBR rubber gaskets are used whenever high fluid sealing capabilities are required. They boast exceptional resistance to water, mineral oils and greases, hydrocarbons, and other petroleum products.
The combination of EPDM and SBR enhances the mechanical strength of EPDM while providing excellent resistance to weathering and aging.


Also known as neoprene or chloroprene, it’s a very versatile type of rubber. Maintaining similar characteristics over a wide range of temperatures, it can be used for extended periods at temperatures slightly below 212°F without undergoing significant aging effects.


Material for special applications, with a service temperature of up to 347°F. It is an alternative to conventional rubbers when superior resistance to heat and weathering is required.
The NR + SBR blend is ideal for enhancing the weather, abrasion, and high-temperature resistance of natural rubber (NR). Its high wear and abrasion resistance makes it suitable for manufacturing gaskets requested in heavy-duty applications and as vibration dampers.
EPDM rubbers offer high resistance to aging, wear, weathering, and temperatures, with an operating range of -67.0 to +275°F, with peaks at +284°F (intermittent). They’re appreciated not only as industrial gaskets but also as internal and external sealing gaskets in construction applications.
The EPDM+CR compound integrates the aging and degradation resistance qualities of EPDM blends with the superior temperature, oil, and fire resistance of the CR compound (also known as neoprene).

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