Rubber CR

Chloroprene rubber

Rubber CR

Aerstop CR

CR, also known as neoprene or chloroprene, is a very versatile type of rubber. Featuring a chlorine atom that improves chemical resistance, the rubber boasts improved heat resistance properties. Maintaining similar characteristics over a wide range of temperatures, it can be used for extended periods at temperatures slightly below 212°F without undergoing significant aging effects. Its high breakage resistance makes it suitable for gaskets requested in dynamic activities involving repeated work cycles. Featuring excellent mechanical and elastic properties, high resistance to flame (self-extinguishing), abrasion, and cutting, it boasts high elastic recovery even at low temperatures (up to 200% elongation at breaking point). Good resistance to mineral oils, synthetic oils, greases, and hydrocarbons. The heat resistance of CR rubbers ranges from -40.0 to +230°F (continuous); intermittently up to +266°F. Their density ranges from 341.72 to 551.15 lb/ft3 (EVM=370).

Spec sheets

Aerstop CNA

Density 385.81 lb/ft3. Excellent fire resistance. EN 45545-2 railway certificate. UL94-certified.

Aerstop CN 22

Density 396.83 lb/ft3. Stabilized neoprene, self-extinguishing, good resistance to oils and solvents,

Aerstop CN 34

Density 451.95 lb/ft3. Highly resilient material suitable for die ejection.

Aerstop CN 24

Density 386.83 lb/ft3. Stabilized, self-extinguishing material with good oil and solvent resistance.


CR. Density 341.72 lb/ft3. Electrostatic charge dissipation. Conductive (25-40 Ωm)

Aerstop CIG 3

CR. Density 429.90 lb/ft3. Excellent resistance to fire and oil. EN 45545-2 railway certificate

Aerstop C 12

Density 352.74 lb/ft3. Chloroprene for multipurpose applications.

Aerstop CN22R

Density 462.97 lb/ft3. Excellent mechanical strength, non-staining, and suitable for visible applications.

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