Rubber EPDM + SBR

EPDM Blend

Rubber EPDM + SBR

Aerstop EPDM + SBR

Combined with SBR, EPDM rubber maintains its resistance to weathering, wear, chemicals, and temperatures while also offering superior mechanical strength. Our EPDM + SBR products boast a temperature resistance range of -40.0 to +194°F (continuous), with peaks of +239°F (intermittent). Their density ranges from 253.53 to 352.74 lb/ft3.

Spec sheets

Aerstop SE 3D

EPDM + SBR. Density 275.58 lb/ft3. Rigid material with low flex.

Aerstop SE 34 G

EPDM+SBR. Density 308.65 lb/ft3. Grey. Low level of PAHs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Aerstop SE 36

EPDM + SBR. Density 319.67 lb/ft3. Versatile, good weather resistance

Aerstop SE 34 B

EPDM+SBR. Density 308.65 lb/ft3. White. Low level of PAHs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Aerstop N12

EPDM+SBR. Density 253.53 lb/ft3. Multipurpose material with good resistance to weathering

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