Rubber EVM

Ethylene vinyl acetate

Rubber EVM

Aerstop EVM

It is a material for special uses formed by the copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It is an alternative to conventional rubbers when superior resistance to heat and weathering is required. The service temperature reaches up to 347°F. Only silicones and fluorinated elastomers can match EVM’s heat resistance; in comparison, it provides the best performance/price ratio. EVM boasts exceptional stability and is immune to ozone and UV radiation degradation. It only degrades very slowly at extremely high temperatures. Sulfur-free. Its temperature resistance ranges from -40.0 to 284°F for continuous use; up to 320°F intermittently.  

Spec sheets


EVM. Density 815.71 lb/ft3. Self-extinguishing, halogen- and sulfur-free. EN 45545-2 railway certificate

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